Stick Check Hockey Stick Rack - 2 Pack


When you need to get your team into the rink, you'll need to stay organized and focused. That's where the Stick Check hockey stick rack comes in.

It's an ice hockey stick rack like no other—it's lightweight, strong, sleek, and keeps your precious hockey sticks off the ground. The Stick Check hockey stick holder was designed for professional hockey rinks and home garages alike.

This is the two-pack of the Stick Check hockey stick rack, which gives your team or home space for 18 hockey sticks. That's perfect for organizing your team's or family's equipment.

Every Stick Check hockey stick holder is proudly made and shipped from Canada.

Simple and Effective

We made the Stick Check hockey stick rack with simplicity in mind. To hang up a hockey stick, all you need to do is slide the shaft into one of the clips.

It doesn't take much force to hear a satisfying click—which means your hockey stick is firmly secured. When you're ready to get into the rink or load up the hockey stick for practice, just slide the stick out of the clip.

Elegant Design

The Stick Check hockey stick holder has a muted yet striking design. It looks perfect, no matter if it's in an arena hallway or the garage.

Each ice hockey stick rack is 24-inches in length with a black border and bright yellow clips.

Once the hockey sticks are in the holder, they hang side-by-side and face forward—blade out. That means that each hockey stick is proudly showcased rather than sit alongside a wall or in a bag.

Quick Installation

Putting in the Stick Check hockey stick rack is a breeze. The pair of hockey stick holders come with the hardware to install them where your heart desires.

You can mount the hockey stick holders easily in both drywall or cement walls. It only takes a few minutes to have your Stick Check ice hockey stick holder ready to go.

Durability Built-In

Toughness is in the DNA of the Stick Check hockey stick holder. These hockey stick racks were designed first for hockey arenas, which is why they're so resilient.

Using specialized lightweight yet rigid plastics, the Stick Check hockey stick rack is light and robust. Not only that, but it's incredibly resistant to all temperatures.

Hang them up in an unheated garage in Alberta or a heated changing room at an arena—the Stick Check hockey stick holder will perform under all conditions.


    • Each Stick Check rack is proudly Made in Canada.
    • Designed to perform in extreme cold and heat conditions like those found in Canadian rinks, or home garages that aren't heated.
    • Made of lightweight specialized extremely durable plastics.
    • Great for hockey sticks, ringette sticks, or household tools.
    • Quick and easy to install.
    • Modular design – replaceable units
      • Want to purchase additional replacement clips? Click here!
    • Easily expanded (add modules to handle more sticks).
    • Home application for the garage, basement, or hockey.
    • Designed specifically for the needs of Hockey arenas, the product is very durable.
    • A unique design system that accommodates storage and organization of other tools or objects within the same environment.
    • Each rack is 24" 
    • Patent-pending and registered trademark.
    • Includes two (2) Stick Check hockey stick racks per box!
      • Each stick rack holds 9 sticks per rack; this is two racks for the total ability to hold 18 sticks.
      • Also includes installation hardware for both drywall and cement walls.

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