Stick Check Hockey Stick Rack Replacement Clips

Number of Clips

We know life happens—things get broken, damaged, or mishandled. The Stick Check hockey stick rack is no exception, and sometimes the clips can get damaged from force or age.

Instead of replacing the entire rack, only the clips will need replacing if one or more break. That's why we offer hockey stick rack replacement clips in quantities of 3, 6, 9, or 18.

Each ice hockey stick rack clip is produced and shipped proudly from Canada. This product includes only hockey stick rack replacement clips and not the rack itself.

Easy Replacement

Replacing the ice hockey stick rack clips is effortless. Simply unscrew the endcap nearest to the damaged hockey stick rack clips and slide out the clips.

Remove the damaged clip from the hockey stick rack and replace it with the replacement clips. Screw the end cap back on, and voila—you're Stick Check hockey stick rack is ready to use again.

Effortless Use

Once your hockey stick replacement clips are in the holder, they're incredibly easy to use. Simply take the shaft of the hockey stick and press it into the clip.

The hockey stick rack clip will hold it with a satisfying click. To remove the ice hockey stick, use a bit of force and pull it straight out from the rack clip.

Multipurpose Clips

The versatile design of the hockey stick rack clips means that there's more than meets the eye. Although designed for ice hockey sticks, the stick rack clips can hold much more.

Hold other sports equipment like ringette sticks, field hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks, or tools like brooms and mops.

Modular Design

When we created the Stick Check ice hockey stick rack, we wanted to make sure it would last a lifetime. That's why we created the ice hockey stick holder with a modular design.

Instead of throwing out the entire rack, only the ice hockey stick rack clips would need to be replaced. That ensures that the Stick Check hockey stick rack is an item that you can buy for life.

High-Quality Construction

Each hockey stick rack replacement clip is made of industrial-grade yet lightweight plastics. That's what makes the clips of the Stick Check ice hockey rack so durable.

That's also what allows the hockey stick rack replacement clips to function no matter the environment. The clips will do their job, no matter if they're in sub-zero temperatures in a shed in Ontario or the heated hallway of an arena.


  • Includes six (6) Replacement Clips  for the Stick Check Hockey Stick Rack
    • Stick Rack is not included
  • Stick Check is made in Canada
  • Designed to perform in extreme cold and heat conditions like those found in Canadian rinks, or home garages that aren't heated
  • Made of lightweight specialized extremely durable plastics
  • Great for ringette sticks, hockey sticks, or other household tools
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Home application for the garage, basement, or hockey
  • Designed specifically for the needs of Hockey arenas, the product is very durable
  • Unique design system that accommodates storage and organization of other tools or objects within the same environment
  • Patent pending and registered trademark.


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